National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day Is September 13

kids in the kitchen baking cookies

Keto Baking With Your Kiddos

Next Sunday, September 13th, is National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day.  Let us help you plan a fun family activity in the kitchen that encourages creativity and confidence while reinforcing healthy eating habits. 

Our Kookie Mixes are made with All Natural, Simple, Junk Free Ingredients.  They are almond flour based and sweetened with erythritol and monk fruit, meaning they are naturally gluten free and low carb.  

They are premeasured and easy to make, even for the youngest bakers. 


tiny hands smashing chocolate chip cookie dough

Tips to Encourage Your Tiny Bakers

  • ​Let Them Pick The Recipe - visit our Recipe Page for some yummy, easy ideas
  • Let Them Help With The Shopping
  • Print Out The Recipe and Help Them Follow Along
  • Use The Opportunity to Discuss Kitchen Safety and Proper Hygiene.
  • Make It Educational - Baking and Cooking incorporate Reading, Math and Science.  Learning can be Fun and Delicious!


three kids sitting in front of oven waiting for homemade chocolate chip cookies




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