Exciting news!💥

We are announcing our first keto baking challenge! Going forward, we'll be launching a baking challenge every month for our fans to participate in and enter to win some serious prizes! 🍪⁠

To start us off, we're diving into the flavors of Fall with a Pumpkin Spice-inspired challenge.⁠

We love messing around in the kitchen and creating fun, inspiring recipes and that’s how this Keto⁠
Baking Challenge was born. We want to show that Keto baking can be delicious, easy, and rewarding.⁠

So we invite you to create your yummiest, most Pumpkin-y Fall recipe for a chance to win a Kalifornia Keto⁠ variety pack containing 1 of every product we offer!⁠

Here are some guidelines and reminders for the Challenge:⁠

  1. The contest runs from September 6-10.⁠
  2. Post your Pumpkin Spice creation on IG tagging @kaliforniaketo and @ketobakingchallenge between⁠ September 6 and September 10 to be eligible to win.⁠
  3. You must use our Pumpkin Spice Mix but all other ingredients are on the table.⁠

One winner will be announced on September 13.⁠
Our October Challenge will also be announced on September 13. The prize package will be mailed no later than September 20.⁠

The goal of this contest is for Keto bakers to create the most creative and mouth-watering Pumpkin⁠ Spice cookies, treats, or desserts. We have made tarts, muffins, cheesecakes, cookies, and cupcakes,⁠ using our mixes. The possibilities are endless! We can't wait to see what you make!⁠

Good luck and Happy Baking!⁠ Sign up below!

🍪 Keto Baking Challenge 🍪

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