Keto Buttercream Frosting

sugar free keto buttercream frosting in bowl with red mixer

You Will Need

1/2 Cup Softened Butter

1/2 Cup Organic Palm Oil Shortening**

1 Teaspoon Vanilla plus Optional Flavors/Extracts, if desired

1/2 to 1 Cup Powdered Sweetener**

Optional Food Coloring

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl.  Add sweetener to desired sweetness.

Use to frost your favorite Keto Cookies or Keto Cupcakes.  Stores well in the refrigerator.  

**Notes:  We use Spectrum Organic All Vegetable Shortening.

We use Nature's Besti Powdered Allulose to sweeten our Frostings.

Use different Extracts or Flavors to adapt your Frosting to your favorite recipes. In addition to additional flavoring, you can color your Frosting to match any Holiday or Occasion.  Just add Food Coloring until desired shade.

If Frosting is too thick, you can thin to desired consistency by adding water, 1 Teaspoon at a time.  You can use Heavy Whipping Cream to thin and fluff the Frosting but it will definitely require refrigeration.  If using Water to thin, the Frosting does not require refrigeration.


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